Information Required

Floor Plan with North Arrow & Roof Plan (if skylights)
(If not a stand-alone building, please advise the location of the
adjoining space.)

Elevations or Window Schedule or Window Sizes Marked on Plans
(Please include any information regarding overhangs or awnings to be used if not shown on plan)

Type of Glazing and Frames planned if other than standard storefront type.

Sections or Floor Type and Ceiling Heights information.

Wall/Roof Construction (include insulation planned or in use, metal/wood stud, etc.)
HVAC (Mechanical)

All five (5) envelope items above.

Floor Plans or Mechanical Plans showing desired zoning.

Equipment Schedule which should include equipment selection, exhaust fans and hot water source selections.

Lighting Load (if we are not currently providing these calculations and available. If this is not available, we will model the default value for the occupancy.)

Occupant Load.

Floor Plan and/or Reflected Ceiling Plan showing task areas within space and ceiling heights.

Fixture / Lighting Schedule.

Interior elevations and/or information for lighted display elements in the space (i.e., merchandise cases, wall units, art work, menu boards, etc.)
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Fee Schedule
Information Required
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Please print and complete this page to include in your package.
Non-Residential (Commercial)
New Residences or Additions
Required Existing Residence Information For Lenient Addition Compliance
Non-Residential (Commercial)
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