New Construction:
  Less than 1500 sq. ft. $209
  1500 sq. ft. or more up to two mechanical zones $309
  Additional mechanical zones $79
  If addition complies on its own, (energy efficient, low glass addition), without consideration of the existing structure the following prices apply:
  Single area under 1500 sq. ft. (existing + addition) $209
  Single area over 1500 sq. ft. or more $309
  Multiple areas, any size: $309
  Alterations to existing house + addition: (includes 2 Mechanical Zones):
  Whole building less than 1500 sq. ft. $209
  Whole building over 1500 sq. ft. $309
  Extra Mechanical Zones (3rd furnace and above) $79

Mechanical Loads Only: up to 7400 sq. ft. $209
Apartments/Condominium Development: (includes modeling of cardinal orientations for compliance)
  First unique floor plan $309
  Second unique floor plan $209
  Third - Tenth unique floor plans $79
  Eleventh and more unique floor plans $39
Forensic (Mechanical Equipment Performance Evaluation [Loads only for cardinal orientations]):
  Less than 1500 sq. ft. $209
  1500 sq. ft. or more up to two mechanical zones $309
  Additional mechanical zones $79
Production Plans (Tracts): (Includes modeling of cardinal orientations of each model using elevation(s) that have the greatest amount of fenestration.)
  Models less than 1500 sq. ft. $209
  Models 1500 sq. ft. or more up to two mechanical zones $309
  True reverse floor plan (swap E/W or N/S) $79
  Additional mechanical zones $79

LEED-RES: Project preparation modeling of various scenarious to achieve LEED, Green Point, CAL Green or other utilities incentives certification. Estimate of two hours extra (2 x $99.50) consulting time to be added to project cost. $199.00
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Residential - Your equipment modeled for energy efficiency.
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